Our Philosophy

At Avery Ranch Animal Hospital, each and every staff member operates under what we affectionately call the "Titus Rule".

This rule is named after Titus, Dr. Skupin's beloved Border Collie, who loyally and patiently endured all of the many changes that his 14-year life brought. Throughout his lifetime, Titus wore many "hats", so to speak. He was a working sheepdog, a vet-school student's loyal pet, a child's companion, and our proud clinic mascot. Thankfully, Titus was able to enjoy the last 2 years of his long, rich life dozing on his bed, behind the receptionist desk at Avery Ranch Animal Hospital.

While Titus is no longer with us, his spirit is still very much a part of our lives, guiding the day-to-day operations of our clinic. We've gladly adopted the "Titus Rule", which governs every medical and policy decision made at Avery Ranch Animal Hospital. Prior to any diagnostic test being run, any medical treatment being performed, or any prescription written and administered, Dr. Skupin and our staff carefully consider whether the same course of treatment would have been recommended for Titus. This is meant to both honor the special part of our lives that Titus shared, and to pass on the love and respect that we had for him to each patient we serve.

"So grateful to all the employees who were so kind and helpful! An hour before they closed they fit us in with a small emergency and were so good to Sparta. So lucky to have found them!"

Lisa H.

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